How long will it take for completion of a document translation?
Normally 2 to 3 days are needed for translating ordinary document between common languages if the content less than 2000 words. We do also provide a fast translation service that document translation could be completed within 48 hours.

2. How much it costs for a fast translation service?
Price is determined by the number of words and the degree of quickening. An additional fee 20% or more of total should be charged when a fast translation service request.


What are the fees for translation services?
For ordinary document, we have basic charges for customers' reference. However, an accurate quotation can only be submitted after preview of document from customer. (Because of the exact price is affected by the degree of difficulties of the content, languages involved, the number of words and the number of jargons, etc.)

4. How do I pay?
If paper translation service requests for a document less than 1000 words, the possess of translation will only be start upon receipt of full payment. But if the count of words more than 1000 words, a 50% of deposit is required in advance and the balance of 50% must be paid within 7 days when the translated text has been collected.
(The aforesaid terms are regular practice of us for customers' reference. Should customer have any query on special case, you may contact us for discussion).

5. What is the method used for transacting the text?
You can send and receive the text through fax, postal service, or e-mail format, or download in our web site (processed with encryption). The method of transaction is subject to client's requirement.
The procedures of downloading translated document in our web page are as follow:
a) Before the download, you will receive an email from our website which contains information such as hyperlink for download, login name, email address and login number.
b) Click on the hyperlink in the email, then input all information and press the "Login" button. You can then browse or save the document immediately. Alternatively, you may download it in the web page of "Career Zone".

6. How to assure the quality of translators?
To ensure the quality of our works, we especially associate with the experts of Foreign Languages College of Peking University and Institute of International Relations to translate and carefully examine our work. By doing so, we can ensure the fidelity and accuracy of our translation.
Besides, in order to satisfy clients' various need, we can specially arrange a native translator upon request. The translated text would be more close to native.
(For example, for translation from English to French, we can employ French translator if requested by customer.)

7. Which languages are available for translation?
Available languages for paper translation in more than 50 languages that includes: Traditional/ Simplified Chinese, English, French, Japanese, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Korean, Turkish, Finnish, Greek, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, European/ Brazilian Portuguese, Hungarian, Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Burmese, Persian (Farsi), Arabic, Hindi (India), Mongolian, Tibetan, Urdu (Pakistan), Hebrew (Israel), Slovakian, Czech, Slovenian, Romania, Polish, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Croatian, Latvian, Serbian and Albanian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian etc.

8. What's the level of security in handling of client's document?
All information of client's document would be treated as confidentiality. During the possess of translation, we absolutely will not divulge any information to any party or person other than our translators.

9. Do those web pages produced and designed by e-Translator.net in other languages work in Chinese and English Windows platforms?
All productions of web pages in various languages from e-Translator.net could be surf automatically on Windows platform by using Internet Explorer browser Version 5.0 or above.

10. Any service in helping us to recruit translator and what is the fee?
The aim of e-Translator.net is established for those enterprises and individuals all over the world who look for translators. Our web site does not merely provide services on recruitment or assist in seeking qualified translators for a long-term translation project, we also provide face-to-face translation service. No matter airport pick up, business negotiation or tour guide, etc., we can provide customers with highly flexible and cost effective solution when they have language barriers during business trips or sightseeing. To assure both parties satisfied, the e-Translator.net will make a good match in accordance with the requirement of the recruiting company and the employable interpreter's qualification. Publication of recruitment advertisement and registration are free of charge but a commission will be charged on the employer when the employer got the right person. For full time job, the charge is 50% of the first monthly salary. Minimum hours will be charged for part time job is 4 hours and the commission charge is 20% of the total hourly wages (minimum commission charge is HKD250).
Hereafter are the cities and countries we currently provide face-to-face translation service... all provinces in China, Hong Kong S.A.R.

The above content will be changed at any time without prior notice.
You may still have any other queries un-listing above, simply email to our customer service officer at marketing@e-translator.net . Be sure the subject marked as "Enquiry on Translation Service", so that our colleague will give you response as fast as possible.


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